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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we encourage use of mass transit, trying to reduce the number of cars on the road and particulate matter in the air. we have a car, an accident and ambulance has been called though i haven't heard follow-up but there is debris in the roadway. no slowing north 85 at stevens creek. we'll watch. more construction between highway 17 and union avenue. northbound 85 heading up into los gatos. but a smooth drive there. 17, that's only at 60 so i want to show you where it's slowing. green and yellow on your map. thank you. >> a golden ending to the ultimate success story bay area native kerri walsh and misty may-treanor etching their names in the record books. >> they won the gold medal match against another american team from orange county, raj mathai was there and talked to walsh after the match.
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>> good thursday morning to you. here from london we're coming to you from the historic tower of london. we saw two amazing events. great storylines. we'll start with the first, the local one, in terms of kerri walsh and beach volleyball. it was a who's who. prince harry attended, joe montana visiting from the bay area, and british actor russell brant. it was the regular fans that provided the electricity. >> usa! usa! usa! >> reporter: the all-american final and we heard a lot of this beach volleyball. i tell you, being at that is like being in a nightclub. the match itself wasn't really close. kerri walsh-jennings and misty may-treanor beat their american counterparts in straight sets. the most touching, kerri walsh holding her two young sons, joe and sundance, a working mother who made such an impact on the
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bay area wins gold in london. balancing motherhood and this crazy career of your, how did it feel holding your boys? >> i think i scared them. that's what life is all about, family, and i feel so blessed that i have the support system i do, that my husband sacrificed, my boys sacrificed so much to accomplish this dream together. it truly was a family journey. my boys have allowed me to find my true self and the world is such a better place now, now it's up to me to make my world how i want it. >> we've seen you grow up. how much does that bay area support mean? >> i'm so proud of my roots. my dream is move there with my family. thank you so much. i can't tell you how much it fortifies me and gives me strength and courage. if i ever doubted i would look at tweets and get tweets on facebook and i had so much love, so much love and that helps you.
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i don't even have the words to thank everyone at home. >> reporter: amazing to chat with walsh after the match. this marks the end after great relationship, why it was so emotional. misty may-treanor is retiring, this was her final match. for kerri walsh, no way, she's going to keep going, will find a partner. she expects to be in the real olympics in 2016. some amazing story lines and a few more days before all of this wraps up. that's going to wrap it up for now. i'm raj mathai. >> that is great stuff. of course raj, thank you. we'll hear more from you coming up about 5:00 this morning and at 6:00. check out his twitter feed for update, more bay athletes shooting for the golden finish. we'll have that coming up in minutes. >> right now, continuing coverage of this week's chevron refinery fire in richmond. the legal problems are mounting for the oil giant. >> thick black smoke sending hundreds to the hospital. christie smith is live in
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richmond. the claims are starting to pour in. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we've been told there have been over 1,000 phone calls to chevron about this from people who say they were affected by the fire. so what's next is that we are expected to learn more today about this center that chevron is going to be setting up for those affected by the fire. also, expecting to learn more about repairs to the facility's only crude oil processing unit. so far we've not been given a timeline when it may come back on line after monday's fire that sent a plume of smoke over richmond and beyond in the east bay. industry experts say they think the repair could take months, and that it's possible, though, that some of that work could begin today or tomorrow. a small fire was extinguished yesterday and we're told there are at least five investigations that will happen at the same time, trying to pinpoint the
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exact source of the leak and the fire. meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of the scope of the fire from some of the first emergency calls. >> what do you see throughout? we're on the way. >> i see a large plume of white smoke which was immediately followed by a plume of black smoke. and flames going into the air maybe 50 to 60 feet high. >> we're on the way. >> reporter: also chevron has set up an 800 number to assist people saying they suffered medical or property-related expenses. that's 866-260-7881. there is also information at reporting live in richmond, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 4:37 now. sunnyvale police this morning called off a search for thieves with two getaway cars, officers responding to calls of men in ski masks and found a clerk bound and gagged inside max's
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coin and collectibles. witnesses telling police the suspects took off in a white nissan, then minutes later the car discovered on fire in a garage. investigators suspect the men set that fire as a diversion and then took off in a second getaway car. >> it's 4:38. police searching for the people responsible for a drive-by shooting that left a 13-year-old boy dead. it happened around 8:00 last night on san lorenzo boulevard. the teen who police say is a known gang member was shot twice in the back and died on the sidewalk. witnesses claim shots came from a van with three or four men inside. police are looking for a white chrysler van. here is the plate, 6nw634. >> new this morning the man accused in the colorado theater massacre will be back in court today. attorneys argue about the release of information in that case. 24-year-old james holmes accused
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of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in that movie theater in aurora last month. a judge issued a gag order on that case, putting tight restrictions on information about the events that led up to the shooting and the suspect's mental state. today attorneys for media outlets including nbc news will argue information is too tightly controlled. >> there appears to be an unusual high profile case causes problems for the court and the judge's response, let's see if we can shut down the flood of information that goes to the public. of course, when you shut down a flood, often what you get is leaks. >> we can tell you leaks about the case led to confirmation holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist prior to the shooting. holmes' attorneys say releasing more information would compromise this investigation. >> people in some south bay neighborhoods need to keep windows closed.
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crews will spray for mosquitoes. santa clara vector control says mosquitoes infected with west nile virus have been found in those cities. the fogging set to begin at 11:00 tonight weather permitting and will last several hours. the targeted areas cloud fine 4024 and 94040. >> good heads up on that. it's 4:40. the spare the air day is here. get ready. >> yeah, another reason to close windows. a lot of people do not have air conditioners in the bay area. it's nice and mild most of the time. today we're going to be on the extreme end of the heat. and this will become a national story. it's not just us that is getting just smacked with hot weather down to southern california. we're talking 110, 115-degree readings through the los angeles valley. a substantial heat wave we're not going to get out of at least
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until the middle maybe end of next week. i want to bring that to your attention. now it's hot our overnight lows are going to be warmer and warmer each day starting today we're at 65 right now in fairfield, 60 in concord and 60 to start out in livermore so headed toward a hot one. mostly clear start, we have a little light coastal fog. fair the air today. keep that in mind. yeah, definitely going to see that haze filtered sunshine through the layer of haze especially in the east bay where our air quality is the worst. more sheet on the way. wait until i show you the seven-day outlook. we want you to be prepared. we're show close to the weekend around the corner. today, 100 degrees inland at 4:00. hot by our standards so that's coming up. seven-day outlook is ready to go. let's take you out the front door. >> we'll look to the south bay where we'll again visit accidents, a new one northbound 680 over at mckee. chp just arrived saying they --
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they are closing out this incident so good news. we had reports of an overturned car. that will be a non-issue. i'll track that area. north 85 at stevens creek, the off ramp has a problem. one lane affected by this car that hit the center divide. no injuries. the ambulance has been called off. 101 through menlo park, we'll give you a live look at the volume heading up into the area. those few taillights not a big deal. a look at the north bay, easy drive for 101. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> coming up, our olympic coverage continues. we'll preview that gold medal match. >> a major runner-up in the fight against breast cancer. why the ceo of the susan g. komen foundation is stepping down.
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>> welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. that is a live look from san francisco. you can see old glory slightly blowing out there. hopefully the wind will blow to make it cooler. it's going to be a scorcher. brace yourselves. >> a huge shake-up this morning at the susan g. komen for the cure foundation.
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founder nancy brinker announced she's leaving her post as ceo. many have been calling for her resignation 6 january when the foundation announced it would eliminate funding for breast cancer screening at planned parenthood clinics. it sparked a backlash forcing coman to reverse the decision. coman says it's refocusing on fundraising, strategy and growth. >> time for a check on those markets. for that we turn it over to seema mody. good morning. >> very good morning to you. a check on the market, futures are a little higher after wednesday, stocks barely budged as investors appear to take a cautious stance. mcdonald's reported a drop in july sales, noting weakness in europe. asia markets rose, european indices are mixed at the moment. we get data out this morning in the u.s. on unemployment and the trade deficit and how the
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markets closed yesterday the dow rose for a fourth straight day up about 7 to close at 13,175 and the nasdaq slipping to close at 3011. google looks to get more personal, the giant experimenting with including information from your gmail account and search results. users see a list of relevant e-mails when they search google such as past orders from amazon. the results can only be seen by the specific user. to limit privacy concerns they are rolling it out to one million g-mail users to test it out. >> we'll keep our eyes on that. thank you very much. >> we're bracing for the heat. a hot one on tap. >> yeah. hot weekend, hot next week as well. you know what, we have been so spoiled here on the west coast all summer long. we've been reporting these stories of oppressive heat on
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the east coast. it's our turn in the bay area, many cities hitting the triple digits. the reason, not only because of strong high pressure more so, we're starting out at 60 degrees. you probably had to use your ac last night. san jose at 60. 56 in sunnyvale. you're getting a little crisp start in novato at 46 but you're headed toward the 90s as we head through this afternoon. it's going to be a hot one. if you want to hit the beach that's where the best weather will be. that's wonderful about living in the bay area. maybe a 30 minute trip to the coast that will drop your temperatures 30 degrees. so, it works like this. mostly clear start today. spare the air day. if you suffer from asthma, respiratory issues, limit your outdoor exposure. take a look where we're headed. it's going to stay hot, triple digits on the way, or close to all the way through next week. then finally as we head toward wednesday and thursday, we're going to get a trough of low
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pressure that cools us off a touch. only to have high pressure rebuild in for next week. this hot stretch of weather will continue. if you work outdoors, grab that water bottle. hazy conditions. and wives, don't let your husband leave if he works outdoors make sure he stays hydrated. goes for the kids as well. >> the dream team chases another olympic gold on the basketball court. >> team usa looking and feeling good. they beat australia, 119-86. they seemed to really have a good time doing it. >> pretty easy play with everybody. you get so many good shots. >> we was passing the ball, making shots. we had fun. >> it's not hard at all. we make it a lot easier. >> fun when you're crushing opponents. the u.s. will play argentina tomorrow f they win that game
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they play for the gold medal on sunday in kind of a foregone conclusion with all of those nba players. they still got to get it done on the court. >> we'll be watching. >> today, women's soccer looking for redemption taking on japan. >> japan beat the u.s. in a penalty shoot-out during the world cup last year. the the players are gearing up as they try to secure their fourth olympic gold medal. alex morgan tweeted last night, getting some extra sleep tonight. we have a big day tomorrow. and abby wambach says dreaming in gold tonight. it will come if you dream it. fans should get excited. the latest reports say 83,000 tickets were sold for the gold medal match tonight. that crushes the previous record of more than 76,000 set in atlanta in 1996. >> loving it. going with all of the soccer and the other action. women's water polo. jessica and maggie stephans
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playing for the gold, taking on spain. that is today. you can watch live on nbc. that will start at noon our time. >> pretty cool. >> up next, why is a body scanner inside an upscale department store? it's interesting it's not for security. we'll explain. >> checking me out. check this out. 101 moves smoothly. we have an update on the 680 accident.
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>> welcome back everyone. a good thursday morning to you. what a beautiful live look outside. that is a look from the south bay before the sun's arrival. going to get warm. it's 4:54. >> we're talking total recall. not talking about the movie, talking total recall of your body. >> forget measurements, you how you can check your size in a 3d body scanner. interested? looks like something out of a movie or your local airport but it's a scanner from body metrics, the first of its kind in america sitting inside the bloomingdale's at the stanford shopping center. step inside, 16 sensors scan you, sending the results to your ipad. the goal is to help you shop faster and a lot more efficiently. >> what we try to do is by doing this body mapping process you help to find that one or two
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jeans that actually is going to fit and flatter you. >> it took inspiration from apple and after privacy concerns your measurements are taken but you can choose to delete them or you can set up an account and shop on line from the comfort of your own home. >> do they show you what you look like wearing the clothes then you wouldn't have to shop. >> shave a little bit off here and there. >> take it off the hips. 4:55. let's send it to the in shape mike inouye. >> well, thank you. of course you don't know what i have on below here. >> i don't want to know. >> looking here to the south bay, we're looking at a smooth drive for most of our freeways, a big note, that accident that cleared from mckee was updated to berryessa. sounds like there was a pickup truck blocking three lanes. good news, only minor injuries reported so this should be able to clear the roadway shortly. expect a little slowing for the
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next few. we'll get a look outside and we'll see the san mateo bridge, this is westbound 92 looking at the headlights. having the peninsula camera, we can't check out the hayward side because there is scaffolding. we can keep an eye on the san mateo side. >> it looks pretty good. competition at a candy store. >> in a big way. a bear has developed a little bit of a sweet tooth as well. look at this surveillance video. a bear casually walked through the front door of the store. no one's here. so grabs a mouthful but obviously the big bear was still hungry, came back a total of seven times before he finally satisfied that sweet tooth. kind of like yogi bear, hey, boo-boo. >> i like that. >> the store owner says the lock was broken and has since been
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replaced. the bear, i guess he got enough or moved on. >> not destructive. >> he's very respectful. >> not like a bull 18 china shop. >> a bear in a candy shop. >> still ahead, a fall from grace. a u.s. olympic gold medalist stripped amid a doping scandal.
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>> i wanted to finish this journey with kerry. i believe in what she does and she believes in me. we knew this was possible. >> not only possible but golden. the california duo kapg off nair epic career with a three-peat in london. >> the women's soccer team taking on japan. >> a live look at london, it's thursday, august 9th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. 5:00 now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we start you off with those 2012 summer olympic games and yes, the queens, they are the queens of beach volleyball, kerri walsh and misty may-treanor. they pulled off that gold medal 3-peat. let's go live to raj mathai. you have the distinct pleasure of being front and center at that match last night. i got to imagine that was a mind blowing watch. >> reporter: it was amazing. you know what, you sit there and forget the volleyball for a moment, you sit there at the match and it's the big ticket item, you look around, you see prince harry, he was there, joe montana making the trip, he was here watching that match and british actor russell brant.
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the list goes on. a lot of v.i.p.'s watching the best in the world. amazing. kerri walsh, misty may-treanor, and you know what, it wasn't really even close. they beat their american counterparts from orange county in straight sets. perhaps the most touching scene, you know misty may-treanor is retiring so this was their last match together. kerri walsh is going to continue. kerri walsh holding her two young sons, she is a working mother who made such an impact. and now another gold medal impact here at the london games. >> balancing motherhood and this crazy career of yours, how did it feel holding your boys? >> i think i scared them. that's what life is all about, family, and i feel so blessed, i have the support of my husband, sacrificed, my boys sacrificed so much to accomplish this. it was a family journey. my boys have allowed me to